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Men's Fellowship + Bible Study

Men's Fellowship + Bible Study

Men, join us for fellowship and time in the Word every Saturday at 8 am, here at the CCWO Sanctuary!  


Samy Tanagho

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Samy Tanagho was born and raised in Egypt where he studied Islamic law and Islamic religion at Ain Shams University (School of Law) in Cairo, Egypt and later practiced law as an attorney. Samy is Chairman of the Board for the Glad News For Muslims non-profit corporation. Samy has been sharing the Gospel with Muslims for over thirty years. His passion is teaching Christians to effectively communicate the Gospel to Muslims. He speaks on this topic throughout the United States and overseas. His wife, Hala, often joins him to share her story of imprisonment in Egypt for converting from Islam to Christianity.

The author integrates all of the positive teachings in Islam (concerning the Christian faith and Jesus Christ) to help Muslims believe the Gospel and to see the divinity of Jesus Christ and the salvation He wants Muslims to experience. The book highlights parallel passages in the Qur'an and the Bible about the person of Jesus Christ, such as His unique sinlessness and His unique virgin birth. The supernatural attributes of Jesus actually compel the conclusion that Jesus is more than a prophet! Throughout the book the author presents God's marvelous, unconditional love for the reader and how God longs for a personal relationship with us based on grace and not on human works or rituals.

In light of the keen desire of nearly every Muslim to seek God and to please God, Glad News! is customized for Muslim readers by establishing common ground, using some of their own beliefs as a stepping stone to the Gospel. This book is also designed to educate and equip Christians in effectively presenting the Gospel to Muslims in a way they can understand, relevant to their background and beliefs.

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