MEN’S STUDY: Attention Men! Our study of Chuck Swindoll’s book “Hand Me Another Brick” begins TONIGHT SEPTEMBER 26th from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Please see Pastor Charles Couch for more information.


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OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD: Every year we have an opportunity to participate with organizations and churches in providing Christmas gifts to the less fortunate children worldwide! This is done through Samaritan’s Purse “Operation Christmas Child” shoeboxes campaign. Please see flyer for more information on how to be a blessing. There are several ways for you to participate:

1) You may take a shoebox home to pack on your own and return it to the church on Sunday or during church office hours, beginning next week Sunday October 3.

2) You may donate items from the suggested items list, at anytime during church office hours M-F 8 am - 4 pm.

3) You may sign up to participate in our packing party in November (exact date will be announced soon), where we will be packing the shoeboxes, and then dropping them off.



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WORSHIP MINISTRY:  If you play an instrument, please join Pastor Dean for a time of worship and sitting before the Lord, Sunday’s, after  second  service, from 12:30 to 1:30 PM. Please see Pastor Dean Pagan or contact him at (808)286-0233 if you have any questions.



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ONE-TO-ONE DISCIPLESHIP: We invite and encourage you to dig deep with us as we begin to study 9 FOUNDATIONAL STONES of One-to-One Discipling every Friday at 7pm, beginning THIS FRIDAY October 1, 2021. There will be a sign up sheet on the board in the foyer. Please contact Pastor Tau for any questions or more information.



Guest Speaker


GUEST SPEAKER:  On Wednesday October 6th, we are blessed to have Guest Speaker Juan Valdez, visiting us from Reasons for Hope Ministry.  Juan believes people have good questions and we as Christians need to have good answers. He desires to live out the command in the Bible where we’re told to always be ready to give an answer and to do so with the right attitude (1 Peter 3:15). Please invite friends and family and be blessed!


GUEST SPEAKER:  On Sunday October 10th, we are blessed to have Guest Speaker Carl Kerby, visiting us from Reasons for Hope Ministry.  Carl is one of the founding board members and speaker for Answers in Genesis. Carl Kerby grew up in a liberal church that taught evolution could be mixed with God’s Word. In 1987, Carl became a Christian after attending a crusade in Salt Lake City, Utah. Please invite friends and family and be blessed!





CHILDREN’S MINISTRY’S A-Z BIBLE MEMORY VERSE: This week, we are on the letter Y, and our memory verse comes from Matthew 5:14 “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”




Church Food Pantry


CHURCH FOOD PANTRY: We have a food pantry to help those in need from time to time. If you or someone you know are in need of canned or dry goods from our pantry please see one of the Pastors after the service. Also, there will be some food items out on the lanai for you to help yourselves to.


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