I remember as a child growing up there were two things I anticipated the most, how long before CHRISTmas and how long before my birthday. For me at least, the younger I was the longer it took for either of the days to arrive and the older I got, well lets just say the days go by quicker. With that said we are 21 days away from CHRISTmas and a second, minute, and hour closer to the LORDs return from when we first believed.  The anticipation of HIS return is thought of quite often.

In Luke Ch.19, in the parable of the King’s ten servants, JESUS said, “And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come.” As believers we are currently living out that parable.  We are anticipating for HIS return, yet are we occupying till HE returns.  What are we doing with what the LORD has given us?  Are we doing HIS will, sharing the good news, loving our neighbors, are we occupying till HE returns? I encourage you to step out, get involved and let the LORD use you mightily for HIS glory.

- Ed Santa Elena

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