“Lord Show Us The Father And We Will Be Satisfied”

 John 14:8 

My Step mother suffered a debilitating stroke in February. The physicians told us that her condition was terminal and that she had less than 1 week to live. Based on their recommendations, we placed her in a hospice, awaiting the inevitable. It’s been six months and even though she is paralyzed on her right side, she has been improving. So much for medical expertise, in predicting our days on this earth. Although she is totally dependent on her caretakers for everything and has literally lost every worldly possession, she is content until she is called home. Perhaps all of us can take comfort from these words, she composed in 2003. “ It’s amazing how fleeting life can be, yet we seem to take it for granted. Especially when we are having fun and everything is going our way. I am grateful God has blessed me so, to always thank HIM for my life and the beautiful world HE put me into, the wonderful people HE brought into my life and the many BLESSINGS and all the Angels HE sent to watch over me. Yes, take time to call on Jesus and thank HIM for HIS love.” Amen!

Ron Sciulli

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