Last year, I shared a story about Billy, who had a chance encounter with Chuck Smith many years ago and how this meeting was the first step to his salvation. Billy did not attend church, nor was he a believer. When he was not towing cars and motorcycles, he was a biker who enjoyed beer and brawling with equal affection. He carried an old beat up flashlight, that he used on many occasions to give his opponents...shall we say, an attitude adjustment. He enjoyed his life and saw no reason to change. That was until, he had accidentally left his flashlight at Chuck's Church one night, during a service call. In just a few minutes, he found a loose wire and stranded lady was on her way. Billy soon realized he had left his flashlight behind; so he called the church and left instructions to leave the flashlight outside the door. When Billy returned, Chuck met him at the door. Billy told Chuck, "Please no sermon, I just came for my light" Chuck smiled and said "I hear you brother...but aren't we all just looking for the LIGHT" Those simple words from Chuck  eventually changed a Biker to a Believer!
- Ron Sciulli 
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