“Now therefore, give me this mountain of which the Lord spoke in that day; for you heard in that day how the Anakim were there, and that the cities were great and  fortified.  It may be that the Lord will be with me, and I shall be able to drive them out as the Lord said” – Joshua 14:12

Just about everyone around him doubted, and they have their reasons, but Caleb’s faith in God never once wavered, not even a hint of it.  The people around him, except Joshua, were intimidated by giants and fortified cities.  But not Caleb, he was convinced that they should enter the Promise land because God said they should regardless of what lies ahead.  Even at 85 years old, when Caleb should be retired by most standard, Caleb was as confident as ever in God’s power to do the impossible.  When God divided the land among the people, all of them were asking for the lush valleys and grassy plains.  Not Caleb, he wants the mountain where the enemies of Israel were driven to and had built fortresses – none of these intimidated him because he did not trust in his own strength but in the presence of God.  Caleb longed to see God work in power, and he knew he would be less likely to rely on God if he dwelt in the easy places.  If you always choose the easy way, asking for the peaceful valleys, you will never see God’s power displayed to enable you to take a mountain.  Seek out the mountains, and you will witness God doing things through your life that can be explained only by His mighty presence.

Pastor Felix Tan

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