A few years ago, there was in the bulletin an announcement that mentioned a discipleship group. That sounded pretty interesting, so I asked around. I soon found some ushers who gave instructions to look for Irene. She then informed me that the study is almost finished, and that it was only for the women, but she would try to find someone to help if I was still interested. She liked sunflowers and star apples. Regan is cool, for several weeks he invests in a disciple. Haha do you get it? Because he also teaches about finances. He likes the sitting and counting (City and County) joke. Because of him I got to chill with his son Joshua and watch the LA Lakers play a game here on Oahu. The Bible tells us not to neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but to encourage one another, especially now that the day of His (Christ Jesus) return is drawing near. Gathering with God’s family regularly is important and fun. It makes life a lot more interesting. I’m glad He chose us. I also met Duke. I miss Duke. We opened canned mushrooms together. See you and Jesus soon bro!


- James Abella

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