**Update - There will be no Men's Breakfast on Saturday, February 24th due to the Men's Retreat**


Deuteronomy 16:9-17

We celebrate to thank God for all He has done for us, His act of goodness, and enjoy each other’s company. We are to celebrate with much joy and much fun as God intended because they are important parts of our fellowship. Celebration lifts our spirits and helps us see the beauty of life. It also allows us to rest and focus on what is good. It should take our minds off of the ordinary and the routine of life. We also celebrate to mark important milestone in our lives so we can teach our children the ultimate reason for our celebration. We celebrate to praise and worship God simply because He loves us. Through our life’s journey and its regular milestones, God has been there to supply all that we need. That is why celebration should be a time of fun and eating, but it should also be a time of Thanksgiving to God for His many blessings to us. We celebrate occasions, we celebrate people that we love; but most of all we celebrate because of the goodness of God! This festival that we are  celebrating today should be a happy time of rejoicing with your family to honor the Lord. For it is He who can give you bountiful harvests and blesses all the work of your hand.

Roland Antonio-

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