Doing chores in a large family must be wild. Jesus would have given a hand or two to help with the activity. Jesus was not the only child in Mary and Joseph’s household. There was James, Joses, Simon, Judas and a couple of sisters, says Matthew 13:55,56 and Mark 6:3.

As children, they probably spent a lot of time at home with their mother. Imagine Jesus growing up as a little kid, teenager or young adult, helping his mom at the house. He probably had things to do like watch water boil or change diapers a few times a day. Tasks that some would call mundane work or seen as never ending daily labors. He may have had routines like this, or routinely helped his brothers or sisters with theirs. Always pressing on to the appointed time when He would be sent out by the Father. In John 8:29 Jesus says “I always do those things that please Him [The Father].” Continue steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers. And have some regard for work that is ordinary, uninteresting, or unusual.

                                                          ~ James Abella

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