Today Is The Day Of Salvation.

Previously, I shared how our friend Billy the tow truck driver had a chance encounter with Chuck Smith many years ago, when he helped a lady stranded in the Calvary  Chapel Costa Mesa parking lot, after an evening service.  It was just a loose wire, which he found with his trusty Maglight. Billy told her “No Charge” and left. A few minutes later Billy received a call from Chuck, who explained that the lady found his flashlight in the parking lot. Billy said “great, just leave it at the door” but Chuck insisted that he thank him personally. When Billy arrived, Chuck met him at the door. Billy who was not a Christian yet said “please no sermon, I just want my light”. Chuck responded “I hear you… but aren’t we all just looking for the light! A few years later… Billy accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior!

A few months ago, Billy was on a late-night trouble call, which required a tow, during the hookup… our friend Billy was killed. We will miss him, but we rejoice knowing that Billy is with the Lord now. Just think of all the souls that are lost everyday...without Jesus! 2 Corinthians: 6:2 “Today is the day of Salvation”.



~ Ron Sciulli






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