What About Safety?

Some children may have a difficult time with behavior in a classroom setting. Our teachers will work with you to help resolve any issues. Parents will need to sign out children immediately that are overly distracting, disrespectful, or pose a danger to others.
  • Our policy requires that a parent or guardian children sign-in and out. Parents or guardians may designate a sibling (6th grade or older) or other trusted adult to sign out their child by annotating the sign-in roster with the designee’s name.
  • Parents of children in the 6th thru 8th grade may authorize their child to sign themselves out. We still require parents or guardians to sign them in.
  • Only teachers and Assistants are allowed in the Nursery with children.
  • Children’s Church coordinators will find parents if needed during service.
  • Once children are signed out, parents and guardians are responsible for their safety and accountability.
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